Secret Pittsburgh guide

General Information

Canton Avenue Steps:
Canton Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Ray Avenue Steps:
Ray Avenue,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Both are best seen before sundown
Best accessed by a car, with small amount of parking at both sites

As you wander through the landscape of Pittsburgh, steps become delightful friends and mortal enemies. In the same sharp, shallow breath after the 100th step, the view to which you’ve climbed makes you let loose another gasp of air for its beauty. Pittsburgh’s near vertical landscape is not for the faint of heart, as it requires you to travel by vehicle and by foot to reach the best views. But don’t worry, the sights make the trip worth it.

Pittsburgh hilly terrain lends itself well to the adventures, but make public city steps a requirement. Several streets completely replace sidewalks with steps and railings. Step hunting is a surprisingly fun date, particularly for those…

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