My 1 year old son playing with rocks in front of a river and the mountains

Hello, welcome, I’m so happy you found my blog. My name is Brooke and I’m a 31 year old parent of two amazing kids. This blog really isn’t about me though or us, my son is a now a rambunctious three year old and my daughter is a 12 year old comic book artist, this blog is about you.

Or really what you can do to help the planet. Often when we look at the problems facing the world they seem overwhelming. Instead of acting, we imagine that these problems are too big for us to solve so we retreat back into apathy. Yet, we know on some level that these problems won’t just go away. They haunt us. We might hold back tears reading an article about another species going extinct, or shake our heads as we walk by a vacant lot littered with garbage. Why are people so callous, why are people so uncaring, I wish I could fix this but I can’t.

Instead of wishing and hoping for things to get better, you can do something. Yes, these problems are overwhelming, they are too big for one person to completely fix alone. No one is asking you to fix the world, at least not on your own, but there are some things you can do to help, some really easy simple things. That’s what this blog is about.

Over a decade ago when my daughter was still a baby I started learning about how conventional agriculture was harming us and the planet. I started reading books about chemicals that are in our personal care products, in plastics and baby toys. I started learning about natural medicine, organic food, products that help reduce the amount of waste we create. In 2009 I went I vegan. My whole life started to revolve around animal rights. I didn’t forget about the environment I still incorporated what I had learned into my daily life but I really didn’t talk about. I didn’t post much about it. #Zerowaste and #minimalism started to trend at the same time I noticed more people were defending Monsanto and GMOs. I just blogged about veganism.

I’ve realized that I’ve been missing out. Yes, veganism is so important and it is one of the ways you can help the environment but it’s not the only thing. You can for example start composting. You can start thrift shopping or buying from ethical/organic brands instead of buying clothes from Express. You can stop using single use products. You can start buying from brands that make natural products that are less damaging to the earth. Maybe the most important thing you can do is get politically active!

So if you’re interested in learning more about small, simple ways you can help the environment, please follow me via email, on wordpress or through social media @earthmeetshome